Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure is a major worldwide epidemic associated with high morbidity & mortality. Currently, heart failure is one of the leading cause of admission in hospital for patients. We, at, Dr. Adarsh Heart & Superspeciality Hospital is one of the Best Hospital for Heart aim at providing opportunity for prolonged life & improved quality of life for people who have found limited options elsewhere.

Our team of Cardiologists have extensive experience & expertise in diagnosing & treating heart failure. The experienced Cardiologist work as a multidisciplinary team with trained staff in many areas to provide you with comprehensive care. Your treatment may include lifestyle changes, medications, or medical devices. Your care is integrated from diagnosis & treatment to follow-up.
The main components of Heart Failure Clinic are:

  • The Heart Failure Out Patient Clinic/Day Hospital
  • Heart failure Unit / CCU and
  • Advanced Heart Failure Consultation